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AR# 42945

13.1 ISim, Hardware Co-Simulation, "ERROR: In process wrapper AHIL_INITIALIZE failed to open hardware co-simulation instance."


When I try running an Ethernet-based Hardware Co-Simulation, the following error displays:

"ERROR: In process wrapper AHIL_INITIALIZE
Failed to open hardware co-simulation instance.
Error in Point-to-point Ethernet Hardware Co-simulation.
There are multiple Ethernet interfaces available. Please select an interface."

What does this error mean and how I can I resolve the error?


This error occurs when the system you are using for hardware co-simulation has more than one Ethernet interface available and the previous hardware co-simulation execution was performed using the point-to-point interface option.

To resolve the issue, please perform the following steps:

1. Determine the Ethernet port the co-simulation board is connected to.

a.Open a command/terminal window.

b.Run ipconfig -all to list all Ethernet ports and connections.

c.Locate the physical address of the Ethernet port connected to the co-simulation board.

d.Convert the physical address delimiter from "-" to ":" e.g 00:19:B9:75:E5:95

2. Set and verify the correct Ethernet port in the ISIM simulator.

a. Open the ISIM GUI.

b.Select the Design under Test (DUT).

c.Go to the TCL console.

d.Enter the following commands in the TCL console to set the Ethernet address:

i. restart

ii. hwcosim set ethernetInterfaceID 00:19:B9:75:E5:95 (physical address)

e.Enter the following commands in the TCL console to verify the Ethernet address:

i.hwcosim get ethernetInterfaceID

f.Enter the following command in the TCL console to Verify the simulation runs

i. run 10us

The entire process is shown in the figure below:

AR# 42945
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1
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