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M1.5 Install - ComponentMoveData Error - 103/113/115 (PC ONLY)


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General Description:
While attempting to install M1.5 (Implementation Tools CD or Documentation
CD), a dialog box may appear with the heading "ComponentMoveData Error

"ComponentMoveData" is an InstallShield function. According to InstallShield
documentation, this function transfers/decompresses files that are associated
with selected components in an install file media library. The data following the
heading gives an indication of what the specific problem is.


"ComponentMoveData had the following error:

Media Name: data
Component: InstallType\Network\SharedDLLs
File Group: Shared 95 dlls
File: G:\ctl3d32.dll
Error Number: -113"

An error value of -113 means that a file could not be opened
in read-only mode.

An error value of -115 means that a file could not be opened for

Because the components of the message can vary depending upon the
cause of the error in each case, please reference the solutions below to
determine which error has taken place.



If ComponentMoveData had the following error when installing the
Implementation Tools CD-ROM (as seen on Windows95):

Media Name: data
Component: xxx/Data
File Group: data
file: C:\DOS\_ISTMPO.DIR\FileGrp\data\xcs05_PC84.bsd
Error Number: -113

then the fix to this problem is as follows:

1. Invoke the Windows95 Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel).

2. Double-click on System to bring up the System Properties dialog box.

3. Select Performance->File System->Troubleshooting.

4. Deselect (turn off) the "Disable long name preservation for
old programs" option.

Windows95 will prompt you to restart your computer before this new
setting takes effect.

This option turns off a feature which preserves long file names when
files are opened and saved by applications that do not recognize long
filenames. This option should be checked in the rare case that an
important legacy application is not compatible with long file names.
Enabling this feature sets PreserveLongNames=0 in the registry.

Some machines (notably Toshiba Tecras) have the above-mentioned
configuration setting enabled as the default, which causes this error
during installation.


If ComponentMoveData had the following error when installing the
Documentation CD-ROM (seen on Windows95 and NT):

Media Name: data
Component: InstallType\Network\SharedDLL's
File Group: Shared 95 DLL's
File: G:\Ctl3d32.dll
Error Number: -113

then the workaround to this problem is as follows:

The Online Documentation Viewer/Browser (Dynatext) must be installed
from the Alliance 1.5 Implementation Tools CD-ROM. In this mode,
the Xilinx Books are restricted to being run from the CD-ROM drive
with the Xilinx Documentation CD loaded.


If ComponentMoveData produced error number 115 when installing the
Implementation Tools CD-ROM (seen on Windows95 and NT), a possible
workaround to this problem is to reboot your machine, then immediately rerun
the install.

This error takes place because a specific .dll file cannot
be installed because it is retained in memory from a
previous version of the Xilinx toolset (i.e., - M1.4). Rebooting
your machine clears the memory, thus allowing this .dll file to be
installed properly.


In some cases where installation of the Implementation
Tools fails with this error, cleaning out the TEMP
directory prior to installation will fix the problem.

Additionally, it has been seen in Windows95 that if TEMP
variables such at these exist in the environment


then removing these references prior to installation
should fix the problem.


ComponentMoveData had the following error:

Media Name: data
Component: InstallType\Network\SharedDLLs
File Group: Shared 95 dlls
File: G:\nwlocale.dll
Error Number: -115

(NOTE: This issue was fixed in 1.5i release.)

If using the Foundation 1.5 install, the install may stop when trying to copy a file
called nwlocale.dll. This DLL is used by Novell networking software, and it may
be in use while installing.

1. Reboot into DOS mode. (You can do this when the computer starts up by
hitting F8.) This should give you different startup options. Select "Command

2. Go to c:\windows\system and rename nwlocale.dll. The idea is to make a
backup of the .dll file.

3. Type 'win' to go into windows. Novell may try to start, but it will error out
because it is looking for the .dll file.

4. Install the software.

5. Delete the nwlocale.dll file that Foundation just installed.

6. Name the old .dll file back to nwlocale.dll.

7. You can safely reboot your computer.

NOTE: You may have to be in DOS mode to do Steps 5 and 6. DO NOT
reboot the computer onto the network with the new nwlocale.dll in place.
(The nwlocale.dll that Foundation installs is older than the one Novell uses.)

If you find you don't have acces to the CD-ROM in Windows, another
workaround is to copy the contents of the CD to the hard drive. Then,
reboot into save mode. This will not bring up the network. (The CD-ROM
is also diabled, hence the need to copy the contents to the hard drive)

Now run the install from the hard drive. Because there is no network running,
nwlocale.dll can be overwritten and the install can proceed.

There have not been any reports of problems caused by replacing
the nwlocale.dll from Novell with the foundation install.

Presently, there is no fix when performing a "network install"
of the F1.5 tools (i.e., when the nwlocale.dll is in use and
cannot be renamed).


If ComponentMoveData had the following error:

ComponentMoveData Error
Media Name: DATA
Component: xxx/Aldec richedit
File Group:
Error Number: -103

try rebooting the machine, and then re-install.


If you receive the following error while installing the service pack:

Xilinx 1.5 Service Pack Setup.
An error occurred during the move data process: -113
Component: new nt files filegroup: new_nt_files
file: c:\temp\readme.servicepack

make a copy of the readme.txt file and call it "readme.servicepack."
Then rerun the setup.

NOTE: This is ONLY for the Service Pack.


Foundation Series 1.5i install produced a "ComponentMoveData
error number 115" with reference to "component move data error
media name c:\winnt\system32\drivers\windrvr.sys."

This error is due to the user not having Administrative Rights,
which are necessary for the installation software to write files to
system directories.

The user should log in as an Administrator (or upgrade user privileges
to "Administrator" level) and reinstall the software.


The previous resolutions contained the most commonly listed
ComponentMoveData Errors that occur with the Install Shield tool.

If other errors are seen, Install Shield documents the meaning of these errors
on their support web site.

For further information, please see
AR# 4298
Date 08/21/2001
Status Archive
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