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AR# 43003

ModelSim - "Error: Library std not found..."


When I run simulation in ModelSim, the following errors occur:

# ** Error: Library std not found.
# ** Error: VHDL Compiler exiting
# C:/modeltech_pe_6.5c/win32pe/vcom failed.

How can I resolve these errors?


These errors occur because the std library is not mapped correctly in the "modelsim.ini" file. This usually occurs when a "modelsim.ini" file generatedby COMPXLIB is copied into theModelSim installation directory to replace the original one.

There are some basic library mappings in the original "modelsim.ini" file under the ModelSim installation directory, as follows:

std = $MODEL_TECH/../std
ieee = $MODEL_TECH/../ieee
verilog = $MODEL_TECH/../verilog

vital2000 = $MODEL_TECH/../vital2000
std_developerskit = $MODEL_TECH/../std_developerskit
synopsys = $MODEL_TECH/../synopsys
modelsim_lib = $MODEL_TECH/../modelsim_lib
sv_std = $MODEL_TECH/../sv_std
mtiAvm = $MODEL_TECH/../avm
mtiOvm = $MODEL_TECH/../ovm-2.1.1
mtiUPF = $MODEL_TECH/../upf_lib
mtiPA = $MODEL_TECH/../pa_lib
floatfixlib = $MODEL_TECH/../floatfixlib
mc2_lib = $MODEL_TECH/../mc2_lib

The "modelsim.ini" file generated by COMPXLIB does not have the above library mappings, but has the following single line instead:

others = $MODEL_TECH/../modelsim.ini

So, when youreplace the original "modelsim.ini" file with the one generated by COMPXLIB, you lose the basic library mappings.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Add the above basic library mappings to the "modelsim.ini" file that is currently using the following [Library].
  2. Close ModelSim and reopen it to run the simulation again.
AR# 43003
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
Type Error Message
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