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AR# 43229

13.2 XST - ERROR:HDLCompiler:1206


XST (new parser) reports the following error in HDL Parsing:

ERROR:HDLCompiler:1206 -"<*>.vhd" Line <*>: Syntax error near ''

XST (classic parser) reports the following error in HDL Parsing:

ERROR:HDLParsers:168 - "<*>.vhd" Line <*>. Non-graphic character (0x0) is not allowed.

The Project Navigator hierarchy parser reports the following error:

ERROR:HDLCompiler:806 -"<*>.vhd" Line <*>: Syntax error near "".


The cause of this issue is that there is a non-graphic character (0x0) in the file. 

This is not visible in one text editor.


Open the file in hexadecimal format, and delete the non-graphic characters in the file. 

Alternatively, edit the file in ISE Text Editor, and save it. 

This will resolve the issue.

AR# 43229
Date 10/09/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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