AR# 43260

7 Series GTX/GTH Transceivers - RXSLIDE Feature in PMA/Auto Mode Not Supported with RX Buffer Bypass


The 7 SeriesGTX/GTH Transceivers support the RXSLIDE feature to shift the parallel RX data bit-by-bit to achieve alignment manually. This answer record discusses how to use this featurewhen in RX buffer bypass mode.


You can use the RXSLIDE feature in either PCS mode, PMA mode, or the auto mode as explained in the7 Series FPGAs GTX/GTH Transceivers User Guide (UG476) in the "RX Byte and Word alignment" section. The attributes table in RX Byte and Word Alignment section in the user guide documents that the RX recovered clock phase might change when RXSLIDE is used in the PMA mode.Because the RX buffer bypass mode is another mechanism that changes the phase of RX recovered clock,RXSLIDE in PMA mode or auto mode should not be used together with RX buffer bypass.

This restriction isdocumented in version v1.5 of the user guide.

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AR# 43260
Date 01/22/2013
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