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MIG Spartan-6 MCB - User Interface - Signals and Parameter Descriptions


This part of the MIG Design Assistant will guide you to information on the User Interface signals and parameters.

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User Interface

The User Interface to the Spartan-6 MIG MCB core includes all the signals that the user is responsible for driving in order to access the external memory device.All the User Interface signals have the prefix pX (X represents the port number) except for the reset, clock inputs, and calib_done output.

For a complete list of signals and descriptions, see UG388 under "MCB Functional Description > Interface Details > User (Fabric Side) Interface".

Core Parameters

The core parameters set in the top level of the core HDL are determined by user selections in the MIG GUI.Changes to core parameters should be managed through the MIG GUI by customizing the core as needed.For a description of core parameters and list of acceptable values, see UG388 under "MCB Functional Description > Programmability".

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