AR# 43346


Design Advisory for Virtex-6 GTH - Recommendation for Non-retimed 10G+ Optical Interfaces (e.g. SFP+ and QSFP)


Retimers are recommended for some 10G+ optical interfaces.



Xilinx supports all retimed (or "SONET Grade") SFP+ modules.Xilinx testing has shown performance better than 10e-12 BER, the SFP+ specification, with non-retimed Limiting SFP+ SR and LR modules.For improved performance or additional margin, consider using retimers.

Xilinx strongly recommends use of retimers in the receive path for Linear SFP+ modules in LRM applications.Due to limited testing, Linear SR, Linear LR, Linear/Limiting ER and Linear/Limiting ZR applications should strongly consider using retimers in the receive path.


Xilinx supports all retimed QSFP modules. Due to limited testing, Xilinx recommends retimers in the receive path in SR, MR, LR, and LRM applications.

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AR# 43346
Date 05/20/2012
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