AR# 43399


13.2 PlanAhead - Auto Sort Config Pins dialog cannot be turned back on once a user selects "Don't show me again"


Once a user specifies "Don't show me this again" in the Auto Sort Config Pins dialog, then there is no way to turn it back on.

In an open project, a user opens Netlist Design and selects Tools -> I/O Planning -> Set Configuration Modes. They then change a box selection and click OK.

At this point they are asked if want to "Show sorted package pins."

If the user checks the box to "Don't show this dialog again" and clicks OK, the option is not shown again. However, there is no preference or GUI option that will allow this setting to be undone in the event that the user wants to see the message in the future.


The option can be changed in the planAhead.ini file found under %APPDATA%\Xilinx\PlanAhead\13.2.

The planAhead.ini file stores this option as:

To resort the viewing of this message box, set the option to "true"

AR# 43399
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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