AR# 4341


M1 NGDBUILD: ERROR:basnb:79 (pin mismatch) and ERROR:basnu:93 (unexpanded) on Synopsys Design Compiler design with instantiated Coregen or Logiblox modules.


Keywords: Synopsys, Design Compiler, Coregen, Pin, mismatch, unexpanded, Logiblox, NGDBUILD, basnb, basnu

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Synopsys Design Compiler users may encounter the following errors during NGDBUILD

ERROR:basnb:79 - Pin mismatch between block "U3", TYPE="ramblock", and file "/home/grover2/" at pin "spo<7:0>(0)". Please make sure that all pins on the instantiated component match pins in the lower-level design block. (Pin-name matching is

ERROR:basnu:93 - logical block "U3" of type "ramblock" is unexpanded

FPGA Compiler users generally do not receive these errors due to the fact that FPGA Compiler generally writes out SXNF format netlists.


The general cause of these errors is an incorrect .synopsys_dc.setup file. Ensure that the variable
"edifout_no_array = true" is in the .synopsys_dc.setup file. This variable will break the buses into bits in the EDIF implementation netlist.

Xilinx suggests all users use the Synopsys setup files in the $XILINX/synopsys/examples directory.
AR# 4341
Date 04/27/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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