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AR# 43425

13.2 EDK AXI_QUAD_SPI - "ERROR:Xst:2647 - Failed to run core generator for "


When I set AXI_QUAD_SPI core as quad SPI mode,the following synthesis error occurs:

"ERROR:Xst:2647 - Failed to run core generator for <axi_quad_spi_0_wrapper_dist_mem_gen_v6_2> macro.
ERROR:EDK:546 - Aborting XST flow execution!
INFO:EDK:2246 - Refer to
(path to your XPS project)/synthesis/axi_quad_spi_0_wrapper_xst.srp for details"

I checkedthe synthesis/axi_quad_spi_0_wrapper_xst.scr file:

"ERROR:sim - !
"(path to your XPS project)/synthesis/
_gc1/_dbg/dist_mem_gen_v6_2/rom/rom.vhd" Line 165: "Error:
dist_mem_utils/read_mem_init_file: could not open MIF.":
ERROR:sim - Failed executing Tcl generator.
ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'axi_quad_spi_0_wrapper_dist_mem_gen_v6_2'.
Failed executing Tcl generator."

How do I solve this error?


If the core is not used as a slave in the Standard SPI mode, you need to make sure that "SPISEL" is connected to net_vcc.

The SPISEL signal is used as a slave select line when AXI Quad SPI is configured as a slave in the Standard SPI mode.

AR# 43425
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 13.2
  • AXI Quad SPI
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