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AR# 43463

13.2 EDK - How to Efficiently Import an Existing EDK Hardware Design to a New XPS Project


What is the most efficient way to import an existing EDK hardware design to a new XPS project?


There are only a few files required to create a new project from an existing design in XPS:

  1. The .MHS file
  2. The .UCF file (potentially optional)
  3. The .PRJ files (potentially optional, for AXI SDRAM controllers)
  4. Custom IP (potentially optional)

To create a new project, follow these steps:

  1. Open XPS.
  2. When the "Create new or open existing project" opens, choose "Blank XPS Project" andclick "OK."
  3. Fill in the "New Project Dialog."
    • Choosea "Project File" location by selecting "Browse ..."
    • Choose the appropriate "Target Device."
    • Under "Advanced Options", specify the location of the existing .MHS file from the existing project.
    • Click "OK."
  4. After the project is rebuilt and open in XPS, copy the UCF and PRJ files (if applicable) into the "data" directory of the new project.
  5. If you have custom IP, you need to copy those into the "pcores" directory of your new project.
    • In XPS, click "Project."
    • Click "Rescan User Repositories."

After these steps, anyone should be able to implement your project.

AR# 43463
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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