AR# 4355


4.2i Foundation - A "Cannot copy Xilinx project with different name" warning appears when I copy a Foundation project


Keywords: copy, PCM, XPROJ, Xilinx

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I copy a project in Foundation Project Manager, the following warning is reported:

"PCM: Cannot copy Xilinx project with different name."


When a project is copied in Foundation, you must copy it to the same name as the original project in order for the design implementation versions and revisions contained within the Xilinx project (XPROJ) to be copied as well. The new copy of the project should be in a different directory location than the first, but the name must remain the same in order for the project to be successfully copied.

The Xilinx project (contained within the Foundation project) contains the implementation versions and revisions. If you do not wish to copy the Xilinx project information to the new project, then you may ignore this warning. If this is the case, your design implementation versions from the original project will not be present in the new project.
AR# 4355
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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