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AR# 43672

Virtex-5Q/Virtex-4Q/Virtex-5QV/Virtex-4QV/SIRF - Does Xilinx provide an IBIS model for the defense grade or space grade parts? Are there .pkg files for the these devices?


Does Xilinx provide an IBIS model (.ibs) or IBIS package file (.pkg) for the defense grade or space grade parts?


Xilinx does not provide IBIS models for defense or space grade parts.  

All Xilinx IBIS models cover the commercial temperature range only, typically 0C - 85C.  

For extended temperature range simulations associated with other grade devices such as defense or space grade, it is recommended that the Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 HSPICE models are used, and temperature can be set to the appropriate corners. 

Xilinx does provide IBIS .pkg files for most defense and space grade devices to model the per-pin package specific parasitics associated with the defense/space grade packages for signal integrity simulations.  

Users can read the pin RLC values from the IBIS .pkg files, and then include those values into the HSPICE simulation.

If the IBIS model or package file is required, please contact Xilinx Technical Support to request the files.

AR# 43672
Date 06/25/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Virtex-5QV
  • Virtex-4QV
  • Virtex-4Q
  • Virtex-5Q
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