AR# 4368


4.2i Foundation - Project Manager hangs when an implementation is invoked


Keywords: hang, dialog, PCM, implement, flow engine, pinlock, lock pins, report

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I click on the Implementation phase button in Project Manager or attempt to view the Locked Pins report, nothing happens and Project Manager hangs.


This situation occurs when a hidden dialog box is waiting for a response. The dialog box will pop up behind the main Project Manager window, which locks Project Manager out until a response to the dialog box is received.

To verify this, hold the Alt key and press the Tab key on your keyboard to bring other applications to the front. Look for a dialog box that you can bring to the front. After you respond to the dialog box, Project Manager will again become active.
AR# 4368
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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