AR# 43709


AXI Bridge for PCI Express - The GUI does not allow C_AXIBAR2PCIEBAR_# to accept 64-bit address values


Version Found: 1.00.a
Version Resolved and other Known Issues: see (Xilinx Answer 44969)

The C_AXIBAR2PCIEBAR_# attribute allows you to translate an AXI address to a 64-bit outgoing TLP address. When the C_AXIBAR_AS_# checkbox is selected, the C_AXIBAR2PCIEBAR_# field should accept a 64-bit address, but instead it currently only allows for a 32-bit address.


This is a known issue with the IP. The current work-around is to modify C_AXIBAR2PCIEBAR_# in the MHS file.

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11/27/2011 - Initial Release
AR# 43709
Date 11/30/2011
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