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AR# 43772

Virtex-5/Virtex-6 GTX: DFEEYEDACMON encoding and range


DFEEYEDACMON[4:0] provides the average verticalheight used by the DFE.

This translates to the internal vertical eye opening in mV that the DFE block sees.

I wish to know how this translation is done in order to understand how big the eye is internally.


The DFEEYEDACMON value is nominally 180 mVppd.

It is encoded as min: 5'b00000 = 0 mVppd and max: 5'b11111 = 180 mVppd.
However these are the caveats:
1. It is an "average" eye and not meant to be an absolute.
2. The 180 mVppd varies over PVT.
This is an internal debug tool and not a customer ready feature.
AR# 43772
Date 03/16/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
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