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AR# 43840

13.2 EDK - How can I add AXI_EMC to the MicroBlaze processor cache region?


In the Base System Builder (BSB) wizard, the external SRAM or Flash is not cached by default. How can I add peripherals such as the AXI_EMC to the MicroBlaze processor cache region?


To add the AXI_EMC to the MicroBlaze processor cache region:

  1. Connect the axi bus of AXI_EMC to the MicroBlaze processor M_AXI_IC and/or M_AXI_DC interface connections.
  2. Set the MicroBlaze processor cache address to cover the AXI_EMC address range:
    MicroBlaze -> Configure IP -> Advanced -> Cache -> Instruction Cache and Data Cache's Base Address and High Address

Note: The MicroBlaze processor cacheable address range can only be the power of two.

If you need to cache other external memories, make sure that the address of these peripherals is continual as well and that it fits into the MicroBlaze processor cacheable address range.

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AR# 43840
Date 12/15/2012
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Type General Article
  • EDK - 13.2
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