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MIG 7 Series v1.2 DDR3 - SIM_BYPASS_INIT_CAL options Not Documented in UG586


It is recommended that you avoid using the SIM_BYPASS_INIT_CAL parameter "OFF" option set in sim_tb_top for simulations as this will cause extremely long run times and should only be used for hardware testing.


Instead, set SIM_BYPASS_INIT_CAL to either "SIM_INIT_CAL_FULL", "FAST", or "SIM_FULL" in sim_tb_top. 

For more details, see (Xilinx Answer 44019).

  • FAST enables a fast version of read and write leveling. 
  • SIM_FULL enables full calibration but skips the power up initialization delay. 
  • SIM_INIT_CAL_FULL enables full calibration including the power-up delays.
These parameters value will be documented in the 7 Series FPGAs Memory Interface Solutions User Guide (UG586) starting in the 13.4 software release.


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AR# 43908
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