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AR# 43993

13.x PlanAhead - What files are required to re-create a Project in PlanAhead 13.x


I want to preserve the content and project settings (not status) of my project to archiveor pass it off to a colleague.

What files are required to re-create a Project in PlanAhead tool 13.x?


To guarantee recreation of a design done in PlanAhead project flow, keep the following:

  • <project_name>.ppr
  • <project_name>.srcs directory with all of its contents.
  • <project_name>.datadirectory with all of its contents.

Note:The <project_name>.runs directory can be left out completely as it contains the run output files which you are trying to recreate.

Sources Directory

The contents of theSources directory will vary depending on what type of project you have created, the sources being pulled in, and location of these sources. You can reduce the number of files for IP by selecting Reset IP from the Sources pane in the PlanAhead GUI. All other files should remain as is.

Data Directory

The Data directory contents will include xml files that contain run information as well as other files that PlanAhead needs (.psg for run options, etc.). In general, you will have one .psg and one directory per run. If PlanAhead is unable to remove and recreate these directories, they will create new directories instead which will append _2, _3, etc to the end.

Bit Files

The easiest way to get the location of the bit files that are generated is to select the completed run in the Design Runs window, and select Open Runs Directory from the context menu.

AR# 43993
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead - 13.2
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