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AR# 44016

Licensing - How can I be added to an electronic fulfillment account so that I can generate licenses for Xilinx Software and IP?


I have logged into the Xilinx Licensing website, however, I do not see the products I have purchased on the Create Licenses tab.

Why can I not I license my software?

Why can I not I license my IP?

Why can I not see the product I purchased in my Xilinx electronic fulfillment account?

This article covers the necessary steps to be added to a software entitlement licensing account.


Software entitlements are associated with the End User email address provided to Xilinx at the time the software or IP is purchased.

This user is also known as the "full administrator" of the software or IP entitlement account and has the ability to manage all activity associated with the account, including adding and removing users.
To be added as a user of an electronic fulfillment account, you must ask the full administrator to add you to their account.
The administrator needs to do the following:
2.  Hit "Next" after "Profile" tab.
3.  Go to the "Manage Users" tab,
4  Type the  new user's email address that is associated with his or her Xilinx account in the "Add new User to account" dialog box to the right of the screen.
     a.  The new user can be added as a full administrator by selecting the "add a full administrator" box.
     b.  The new user can be added with the ability to license floating licenses by selecting the "allow floating licenses" box. 
          Floating license privileges allow the user to license and manage any entitlements labeled as Floating, Server, or Node-Locked licenses.
     c.  If neither box is selected, the new user will only have privileges to license Node-Locked licenses.
5.  Click the "Add User" button.
Note:  An email invitation will be sent.

Additional account information will be added when the new user logs in to the system.
AR# 44016
Date 03/31/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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