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Licensing - If a feature is licensed in multiple locations, which license takes precedence?


If a feature is licensed in multiple locations, which license takes precedence?

For example, the ISE software license key is a component of both a System Edition and a Logic Edition license package.

If my license search path contains both of these packages, which one will be used if the ISE software license key is requested?


If a license component is available in multiple license packages, (for example, the ISE software Logic Edition, and System Edition), the license that is used is selected in the following order.

  1. The license that gives the highest level of operation for an application will be used first.
    For most licensed Xilinx applications, which are simply enabled (when licensed) or disabled (when not licensed), the level of operation will be equal.
    This rule does not apply to the example above because the System Edition or Logic Edition packages have the same ISE component that will be used.
    The rule would apply to the use of a trial or evaluation license compared to a full license.
  2. Next, the license with the oldest version limit will be used before one with a later version limit.
  3. If the version limits are the same then the license with the later start date will be used.
  4. If the version limits and the start dates are the same, then the first valid license found in the search order will be used, see: (Xilinx Answer 42507).

For certificate based licenses, you can override the precedence specified in items 2, 3, and 4 above with the use of the "sort" directive. 

To use the sort directive, edit the applicable Increment lines of the license file and add "sort=1","sort=2", and so on. 

A lower sort value takes precedence over a higher value.


SERVER My_server DISK_SERIAL_NUM=66dd7788 2100


VENDOR xilinxd


# System_Edition_Floating comes from Part Number 0451078

INCREMENT System_Edition_Floating xilinxd 2011.11 permanent 1 E64D5B2BB24Csort=2\

VENDOR_STRING=System_Edition_Floating,software,permanent,_8480_2086_1308693897_027 \

ISSUER="Xilinx Inc" START=19-Jun-2011 TS_OK


INCREMENT Logic_Edition xilinxd 2012.04 permanent 1 5FD134253129 sort=1\

VENDOR_STRING=Logic_Edition,software,permanent,_176078851_172415124_172491182_962 \

ISSUER="Xilinx Inc" START=01-Dec-2010 TS_OK

In this example, the Logic Edition increment will be used first, if available, for a license component that exists in both packages.

Note: For activation licenses, all FEATURE and INCREMENT lines obtained from trusted storage are sorted as if they had sort value of zero (0). 

This ensures that they will appear first in the sort order before certificate license file features.

As a result, the 'sort" option is not available for activation licenses.

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