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Licensing - LogiCORE IP Core licensing questions?


This article contains link to common LogiCORE IP licensing questions.


(Xilinx Answer 44030)-When is a LogiCORE IP Core license checked?
(Xilinx Answer 44031) -Do I need to regenerate a LogiCORE IP Core after my license has been upgraded?
(Xilinx Answer 44032)-Does a LogiCORE IP Core license need to be Floating or Node-locked?
(Xilinx Answer 44033)-How do I check the status of a LogiCORE IP Core license?
(Xilinx Answer 44034)-How can I determine what level of license my LogiCORE IP CORE was generated with?
(Xilinx Answer 44035)-Will Licenses generated before ISE 11.1 release continue to work?
(Xilinx Answer 44036)-How can I get license keys for LogiCORE IP Cores released prior to ISE Design Suite 11.1?
(Xilinx Answer 44038)-How can I determine if a particular core needs to be licensed?
(Xilinx Answer 44039)-Can I distribute the netlist of a licensed LogiCORE IP Core to a third party for implementation?

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