AR# 4406


2.1i, M1.5, M1.4 MAP, LogiBLOX - MAP: ERROR:x4kma:179 - <symbolname> symbol "instance" cannot be packed into an IOB


Keywords: X4KMA, LogiBLOX, IOB

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
MAP returns the following error for a design containing LogiBLOX components:

"ERROR:x4kma:179 - BI_BUF_8 symbol "L24" cannot be packed into an IOB.
You may be attempting to put more resources into an IOB than it can support.
Please see the Xilinx Programmable Logic Data Book for information on the IOB
structure of the target device."

This error message may actually be flagging the existence of an unused
net on a bus connected to the external end of a LogiBLOX Inputs/Outputs


Connect the dangling net to an IOPAD.
AR# 4406
Date 02/11/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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