AR# 44190


ChipScope Pro ATC2 Core - "CRITICAL WARNING: Could not resolve non-primitive black box cell 'OPAD'"


If I implement a design using the PlanAhead tool which uses the ATC2 ChipScope core in ISE 13.x and 14.xdesign tools, I receive a critical warning similar to the following:

[EDIF 96] Could not resolve non-primitive black box cell 'OPAD' defined in file 'example_agilent_atc2_v1_05_a_0.edn' instantiated as 'ATC2_inst/U0/G_DATAPADS[0].I_DATAPAD'."

This warning occurs when I open the netlist design in the PlanAhead tool after running synthesis.


This is a known issue for ISE 13.x and 14.xdesign tools.

This issue occurs because the ChipScope ATC2 core instantiates a black box primitive called "OPAD" which is not recognized in the PlanAhead tool. This does not affect the functionality of the design or the ATC2 core. The warning message can be safely ignored.

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AR# 44190
Date 07/17/2012
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