AR# 44436


CoolRunner-II Starter Kit - Known Issues and Release Notes Answer Record


This Answer Record lists all known issues for the CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit.


(Xilinx Answer 39262) - CoolRunner-II Starter Kit X-Board - Where can I find the USB driver?
(Xilinx Answer 40166) - CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit - Programming error occurs when using the CoolRunner-II Utility Window
(Xilinx Answer 41005) - CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Kit - Can the Digilent Software (CoolRunner-II Utility Window 1.0) be run on Windows 7?
(Xilinx Answer 44512) - CoolRunner-IIStarter Kit - How do I reflash the ATMEL USB controller on this board?

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AR# 44436
Date 02/15/2013
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Type Known Issues
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