AR# 4456


Foundation Schematic Editor Help v1.4: Importing Netlist help refers to invalid menu pick


Keywords: Foundation Schematic Help, importing netlist, Import Netlist

Urgency: Standard

Problem Statement:
The Help file from the Foundation Schematic Editor 1.4 (search under "importing netlist") tells you to do the following:

To import an external netlist:
1. Choose the Import Netlist command from the Hierarchy menu. The Import
Netlist dialog box will open.
2. From the Netlist Format list box, select the desired input netlist format.
You can choose either XNF or EDIF.
3. Choose the source netlist file.
4. Click OK to start importing.

How ever there is no such" Import Netlist" command under Hierarchy menu.


The name of this option has changed, but the Help file was not updated to reflect
this. The new menu option name is Hierarchy -> Create Macro Symbol From Netlist.

AR# 4456
Date 04/03/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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