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AR# 44860

LogiCORE IP XAUI v10.1 - Required changes to implement the core on 7 Series IES devices


To successfully implement LogiCORE IP XAUI v10.1 on 7 series Initial Engineering Silicon (IES) devices, few changes are required.

Please apply all the changes listed below before testing it on the hardware.


  1. Run 7 series FPGA Transceiver Wizard v1.5.
    • Set name as "GT_WRAPPER", "Initial ES" Silicon Version and select "XAUI" protocol.
    • Enable TX Buffer on Page 2.
  2. Copy gt_wrapper.v[hd], gt_wrapper_gt.v[hd] and qpll_cal.v[h] into the XAUI example design directory
  3. Add qpll_cal.v[hd] to xst.prj in the /implement directory and to the appropriate simulation file in the /simulation/functional directory.
  4. Change attribute RXOUTCLKSEL on GTXE2_CHANNEL in gt_wrapper_gt.v[hd] to "000".
  5. Remove all TX Phase Alignment logic from the XAUI Block wrapper:
    • Remove all TXPHASE Alignment ports from GT_WRAPPER, and associated logic.
    • Assign:
      mgt_tx_ready <= &mgt_txresetdone; (Verilog)
      mgt_tx_ready <= '1' when mgt_txresetdone = "1111" else '0'; (VHDL)
    • Assign:
      mgt_tx_fault <= ~mgt_txresetdone; (Verilog)
      mgt_tx_fault <= not mgt_txresetdone; (VHDL)
  6. Implement known Transceiver issues for 7 series GTX Transceivers: Reset Requirements Upon Configuration(Xilinx Answer 43482).
  7. Implement known Transceiver Software Use Model Changes (Xilinx Answer 43339) if required.
  8. Implement known XAUI issue: GTRXRESET pin must be asserted until the PLL has locked (Xilinx Answer 44392).
  9. Implement known XAUI issue: mgt_rxcdr_reset signal should be connected to RXBUFRESET pins on wrapper. (Xilinx Answer 44858).
  10. Implement know XAUI issue:sync_status is deasserted during data transfer on 7-Series IES devices. (Xilinx Answer 45497).
  11. Check Design Advisory for the Kintex-7 and Virtex-7FPGAGTX Transceivers (Xilinx Answer 43244).

Revision History:
01/26/2012 - Updated with 7 Series
11/07/2011 - Initial Release

AR# 44860
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • XAUI
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