AR# 44873


13.3 PlanAhead - The path to a Custom Editor is not preserved after closing PlanAhead


To choose a custom Text Editor, under Tools -> Options, I select Custom Editor and then enter the path to my editor and the desired syntax used to open source files.

Everything works as expected. However, after I close PlanAhead tool and open it again, my selected text editor is not found and the source files do not open when selected.


PlanAhead tool is saving the custom Editor path correctly in the planahead.ini file. However, when PlanAhead is launched again, the planahead.ini file gets modified and loses the '\' characters separating directory levels.

The workaround is to add the path to the text editor in the Operation System PATH, and then enter only the executable name and options in the Custom Editor Definition window.

Example: Instead of entering "C:\Windows\notepadd++.exe [file] -n[line number]", change the entry to "notepadd++.exe [file] -n[line number]" and make sure "C:\Windows" is included in the PATH environment variable.

This issue is resolved in PlanAhead tool 13.4.

AR# 44873
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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