AR# 4503


98 DATA BOOK: BG352: Vcc and Gnd pin locations appear invalid based on the package drawing


Keywords: BG352, vcc, gnd, pin locations, databook, correction

Urgency: Standard

General Description: On page 10-34 on the 1998 data book the
drawing for BG352, BG432 is given for illustration purposes
and matches the BG432 package size. (see note 4 at the bottom
right corner of the page.) The drawing matrix size does not
match the BG352 package and therefore the pin locations do not
match up. For example, if using this drawing, the VCC pin G23
does not exsist.


The package drawing shown on page 10-34 is for a BG432, that
is why G23 does not exsist. The BG352 only has 26 rows x 26
coloumns instead of 31 x 31 for the BG432. This is indicated
in the table at the bottom left hand side of the page. (see
Row M of the table and Note 2.) For example, the G23 pin would
be the located on row G and the 4 column from the left.

Please also note that Note 5. should indicate that both
packages have 4 rows on each side.
AR# 4503
Date 05/31/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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