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FPGA EDITOR- How to route a net manually?


How do I manually route from a PAD to Slices in FPGA editor?


Manual routing allows you to specify the path for the signal routing.

Select the net pins or pin wires to connect and the routing resources to use (such as long lines or local lines), and the system then routes the specified path.

As part of the manual routing, you can select unused pins on placed components and then route these pins together to form a new net, or route them to an existing net.
To Route Manually:

  1. Click the left mouse button to select the source pin wire.

  2. Press the Ctrl key and the left mouse button simultaneously to select additional routing resources.
    You must select objects in the order in which you want them routed.
    When you select the objects, remember that connections are routed one by one from each selected object to the next.
    For example, if you select three objects in the order A, B, C, you are indicating that you want to route A to B, then route B to C.

  3. Select Tools > Route > Manual Route.
    The selected objects are routed in the specified order.
AR# 45100
Date 11/18/2014
Status Active
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