AR# 4514


F1.5 Answers Book: Answers Book must be installed to be used (cannot run from CD)


Date: 9/98
Keywords: install, Answers, Solutions, Techsupport
Urgency: standard

General Description:
The Xilinx Online Documentation Dynatext Books typically have the option of being
read from CD, meaning that the books do not need to be installed to the local
disk to be read. However, the Answers Book resides on the Foundation Design
Environment CD, whose contents are compressed. For this reason, the Answers
Book cannot be read from CD. It must be installed in order to be used.


Install the Answers Book from the Foundation Design Environment CDROM. The
Answers Book is one of the subcomponents under the "Samples and Tutorial"
component on the "Select Software Components to Install" page of the Installer.

In order to be able to view the Answers Book, you must also install the 'Online
Documentation Viewer.'
AR# 4514
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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