AR# 4520


HPUX 10.20, M1.5 executables : /usr/lib/aCC/ Can't open shared library


Keywords: share, lib,, par, ngdbuild, map

Urgency : HOT

General Description:
When running Xilinx executables ( ngdbuild, map, or par), the
following error occured:
/usr/lib/aCC/ Can't open shared library: ...
/usr/lib/aCC/ No such file or directory.


This means that /usr/lib/aCC/ file does not exist in
your system. This file is coming from OS patch to support
C++ applications at runtime.
M1.5 needs this file to run its executables.
If you do not have this file/area in your system, please update
your HPUX system with the following patch:

The location for the patch is :
Get an ID, then go to 'Individual Patches'.

Patch bundle 39 (B.10.20.39) will update this as well.
AR# 4520
Date 10/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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