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AR# 4521

V1.5 COREGen, Foundation, XC4000, Spartan - "Warning 9199: Unknown component - B998, TBUF" when loading Foundation design containing COREGEN SINE-COSINE LUT, FIFOs, ROMs, or RAMs into the F1.5 Foundation simulator


Keywords: Foundation, sine, cosine, sincos, lut, simulate, RAM, FIFO, ROM,
TBUF, Spartan, 4000

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
When trying to run a functional simulation in Foundation directly from a schematic
containing one of the larger CORE Generator SINE-COSINE lookup tables
(8 bit-input or wider) , FIFO, ROM or RAM modules (64 words deep or more), the
simulator issues the following warning:

Loading - D:\FNDTN\ACTIVE\PROJECTS\SINCOS_T\sincos_t.alb
Loading library default timing values
Loading - MYSINCOS
Forcing zero-delay default timing values
Warning 9199: Unknown component - B1003, TBUF
Warning 9199: Unknown component - B1008, TBUF
Warning 9199: Unknown component - B1013, TBUF

The larger SINCOS LUTs, FIFOs, and memories use TBUFs for
muxing. Foundation is unable to understand the TBUF component
because it is not a valid Unified Library simulation primitive. The correct name for a Unified Library 3-state
buffer primitive is "BUFT".



Download the following data file update from the Xilinx ftp

http://www.xilinx.com/txpatches/pub/swhelp/coregen/cg15t_nt.zip (PCs)
http://www.xilinx.com/txpatches/pub/swhelp/coregen/cg15tbuf.tar.Z (Solaris & HP)

Installing this patch on Solaris and HP platforms is optional.

Extract this update to your main COREGEN directory.

After installation of this update, regenerate your core.
The COREGEN version will remain unchanged at V1.5.0.

The fix to this problem is also bundled into the CORE Generator v1.5.2
incremental update which is included with the F1.5i_sp1 and A1.5_sp1
Service Packs. Both Service Packs may be downloaded from:



Overall strategy: Create a simulation netlist based on
SIMPRIM simulation primitives instead of Unified Library
simulation primitives by running a Checkpoint Simulation
based on the NGD file for the design.

The basic procedure is:

- Create a new Version and Revision of the design;
- Run the Translate step on the design using the Interactive
Flow Engine to obtain a design.NGD file.
- Run Checkpoint Simulation from the Foundation Project
Manager Tools menu, specifying the NGD file as the input.

Detailed instructions:

- From Foundation Project Manager, with your project icon
selected, select Create Version from the "Project" menu and
click on OK to accept the new Version number.

- Again from Project Manager, create a new Revision: select
the new Version just created, and click on

"Project"->"Create Revision".

- With the new Revision selected, click the Right mouse
button and select "Invoke Interactive Flow Engine".

A Flow Engine GUI with the Design Flow diagram appears.

- Click on the second button from the left on the bottom
of the GUI (the one with a triangle/arrow pointing to a
vertical line on the right to run the Translate step only on
the design.

This generates the .NGD file for the design.

Now click on the Foundation Project Manager GUI and under the
"Tools" menu, click on "Simulation and Verification".
Select "Checkpoint Gate Simulation Control".
Select the NGD file you just generated as the input.

Foundation generates a new simulatable netlist based on
SIMPRIMs for you.

Proceed with your functional simulation as usual.


- Edit the .EDN file produced by COREGEN and replace all
instances of the string, "TBUF" with "BUFT".

- Next, open the Foundation schematic editor and select
Hierarchy->Create Macro Symbol from Netlist".

- On the pop-up that appears, click on the

"Xilinx [*.XN*, *.BAX]

field at the bottom of the pop-up and select

"Edif 200[*.ED*]

Select the EDN file corresponding to your COREGEN module.

From the "Options" menu back in the schematic editor,
select "Export Netlist".
AR# 4521
Date 02/11/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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