AR# 45218


ChipScope Analyzer - Net names not being imported properly when CDC and Bit files are located in a directory with spaces


The following answer record discusses a known issue with the ChipScope analyzer tool when the CDC and .bit files are located in a directory path that includes spaces in the name.


If the ".cdc" and ".bit" files for a project are located in a folder whose directory path includes spaces (e.g., C:\this is a test\test.cdc), the ChipScope analyzer tool does not properly import in the signal names for the data and trigger ports of the ILA core. This issue currently affects v13.x and 14.1of the ChipScope analyzer tool and is going to be fixed in a future release.

To work around the issue, remove the spaces in the directory tree. Then, you can re-program the part and re-import the CDC file.

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AR# 45218
Date 02/07/2013
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