AR# 45368


13.3 EDK – Unconnected ports are not editable in the system assembly view.


I am trying to make connections to my IP using the Unconnected Ports Tab of the XPS System Assembly View. 

However I do not see an option to edit the Port sections.

I only see the ports that have connections being made. 

This did not occur in earlier versions.

Is there a way to make the ports editable in the System Assembly View?


There has been a change in the way the GUI is handled and the displayed nets that are seen currently are from the Connected Ports section only. 

To ensure that SAV also displays the Net section do the following:

1. Go to Ports tab in the system assembly view.

2. Right Click the tab then click  the Net section as shown below:


This will open up all of the possible connections that are not connected.

You can then make connections as per your requirements.

AR# 45368
Date 11/20/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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