AR# 45405


LogiCORE IP XAUI v10.2 - Required changes to implement the core on 7 series GTX IES devices


To successfully implement LogiCORE IP XAUI v10.2 on 7 series Initial Engineering Silicon (IES) devices with GTX Transceivers, there are changes required. These modifications are not for use with GES GTX devices or IES GTH devices.

Please apply all the changes listed below before testing it on the hardware.


  1. Run 7 series FPGA Transceiver Wizard v1.5 rev 1.
    • Set name as "GT_WRAPPER", "Initial ES" Silicon Version and select "XAUI" protocol.
    • Enable TX Buffer and select TXPLLREFCLK on page 2.
  2. Copy gt_wrapper.v[hd], gt_wrapper_gt.v[hd] and qpll_cal.v[h] into the XAUI example design directory.
  3. Add qpll_cal.v[hd] to xst.prj in the /implement directory and to the appropriate simulation file in the /simulation/functional directory.
  4. Change attribute RXOUTCLKSEL on GTXE2_CHANNEL in gt_wrapper_gt.v[hd] to "000".
  5. Add the GT[0/1/2/3]_TXPRECURSORINV_IN ports to the GT wrapper instantiation and tie them to logic '0'.
  6. Add all of the GT_COMMON DRP Ports to the GT wrapper and tie the inputs to logic 0 and leave the outputs open
  7. Remove all TX Phase Alignment logic from the XAUI Block wrapper:
    • Remove all TXPHASE Alignment ports from GT_WRAPPER, and associated logic
    • Assign:
      mgt_tx_ready <= &mgt_txresetdone; (Verilog)
      mgt_tx_ready <= '1' when mgt_txresetdone = "1111" else '0'; (VHDL)
    • Assign:
      mgt_tx_fault <= ~mgt_txresetdone; (Verilog)
      mgt_tx_fault <= not mgt_txresetdone; (VHDL)
  8. Implement known Transceiver Software Use Model Changes (Xilinx Answer 43339) if required.
  9. Check Design Advisory for the Kintex-7 and Virtex-7 GTX Transceivers (Xilinx Answer 43244)
  10. Implement know XAUI issue:sync_status is deasserted during data transfer on 7 series IES device. (Xilinx Answer 45497)
  11. (Xilinx Answer 46483) - XAUI v10.2 and RXAUI v2.2 - Core fails to regain Synchronization after link partner restarts transmission on 7-Series Devices

1) The example design simulation will not work with the GTX TX BUFFER enabled. This will introduce skew that the demo TB does not deskew. To run a simulation, loopback from rx to tx could be used, or the serial interface could be connected to another XAUI core since the XAUI receiver will perform the needed deskew.
2) The above modifications are pending hardware validation.

AR# 45405
Date 06/07/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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