AR# 45421


PlanAhead - "man" command use in Tcl console produces a garbled screen


On a Linux OS, using the "man" commandin the PlanAhead Tcl console produces a garbled/distorted output screen.


When the "man" command (on-line manual page for Unix OS) is used in the Tcl console of PlanAhead tool,it produces confused output information.

This is due to theformatting done by "man,"which isfor tty viewing.

The correct way to avoid the garbled output is to pipe the output of man through 'col -b':

man <unix_command> | col -b

Note: Pay attention to the spaces between commands and the pipe character '|'. If they are not added, the command will notwork.
AR# 45421
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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