AR# 45458


CORE Generator - Resetting MIG IP core in PlanAhead tool deletes all core files


Resetting the MIG core deletes all files. It should leave the files that were generated when the core was customized.

1. Customize MIG v3.4.
2. Right-click on MIG instance,generate.
3. Right-click on MIG instance,reset IP.
4. Notice that all the files in the MIG folder are gone.


When parsing a BOM file for files to reset/delete, the PlanAhead tool checks each file delivered by the generation phase to check if it was also delivered by the customization phase. Where overlap occurs, the file will be left untouched; otherwise, the generated file is deleted.

The problem in the case of the MIG core is that there is no overlap between customization and generation phases (i.e., each phase has its own unique generator(s)), but both phases deliver the same outputs.Therefore, all files delivered by the generation phase are always deleted.The problem is that after generation, the files for the "customization_generator" are gone, so it looks like customization never ran.

The simple work-around to this problem is to re-customize or re-generate your core after running Reset IP.

AR# 45458
Date 05/16/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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