AR# 45467


PlanAhead - "ERROR: [Common-183] Failed to open handle planAhead.jou." when launched from root directory on Windows 7


If I attempt to launch the PlanAhead tool from the command line in the Windows root directory (e.g., C:\), the following error occurs:

"ERROR: [Common-183] Failed to open handle planAhead.jou. Please check access permission of directory 'C:'."

However, if I change to a lower level directory, it works fine.

Is this a known issue?


This is a permissions issue with Windows 7. When the PlanAhead tool is launched from the command line, the journal and log files are created in the Current Working Directory (CWD). Windows 7 does not allow even an administrative user to create a file at the root directory.Therefore, the error message correctly reports the error since the journal file cannot be created in this location.

To work around this issue,change to another location(i.e., type "cd") before launching the PlanAhead tool.

AR# 45467
Date 09/05/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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