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PlanAhead - How can I open the partially routed design in PlanAhead?


How can I open a partially routed ISE design in PlanAhead?

This can become necessary in two situations:

  1. PAR is canceled, fails or completes with zero Errors, but the flow stops in PlanAhead due to the design failing to route with a warning, WARNING:PAR:100.
    "PAR ERROR" is returned on Design Runs.
    Because implementation does not complete, I cannot open the Implemented Design to debug the partial placement.
  2. I have a partial or fully routed .ncd file created outside of PlanAhead.
    Is there a way to open this .ncd file in PlanAhead for analysis?


For situation 1, a user can "Import Placement" for viewing and analysis using the following steps:
  1. Open the Netlist Design. 
    The Import Placement option in step 2 will not be available without an active netlist open.
  2. Select File -> Import -> Import Placement.
  3. Browse and select the desired .ncd file.

For an .ncd file generated outside of PlanAhead, create a new project and use the Import Place & Route results option in the New Project Wizard.

  1. Select File -> New Project in the PlanAhead GUI.
  2. Click Next on the first page of the New Project Wizard.
  3. Choose a project name and location and click Next.
  4. Select Import ISE Place & Route results.
  5. Continue through the wizard to create the project.
The partially routed .ncd file will be imported and can be opened and analyzed as desired.
AR# 45473
Date 08/15/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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