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13.3 PlanAhead - "ERROR: [PlanAhead-414] Project archive aborted"


If I attempt to archive my project, the following error occurs in the13.3 PlanAhead tool:

From the GUI

"The project is on NTFS network drive and I selected to save onto the same area.
The archive starts refreshing some files then stops and posts the following dialog:
ERROR : [Planahead-414] Project archive aborted."

From Tcl Console

"archive_project U:/project/Xilinx/ -force
INFO: [PlanAhead-88] starting archive...
INFO: [PlanAhead-87] saving project copy to temporary location...
ERROR: [PlanAhead-3] (archive_project): Received exception from project save_as
ERROR: [PlanAhead-414] Project archive aborted!"


This occurs because of the Windows path length limitations combined with the very deep source directory structure used in the project.

Check the sources directory structure. For example:


In the PlanAhead 13.4 tool, the message has been enhanced to include the failing file path as follows:

ERROR: [Common-143] Path length exceeds 260-Byte maximum allowed by Windows: U:\<Path to project Directory>\Project
ERROR: [PlanAhead-3] (archive_project): Received exception from project save_as
ERROR: [PlanAhead-414] Project archive aborted!

You can work around this issue in the following two ways:

  • Remove the sources from the project, then add them directly from the "Components" level above. That should put most of the design sources in a much shallower directory structure. Then, the rest of the sources can be added to the top level directory.
  • Change the directory location of the temporary archive that is created in the process of delivering the final archive to the specified location.The temporary archive is created in the Current Working Directory (CWD). The CWD can be managed in two ways:
    • Change the "start in" directory. You can either open an ISE command shell and CD to a shorter directory structure or set the start-in directory of the Start menu short cut.
    • In the Tcl console, CD to a different directory before running archive.

Changing the original location from which the Vivado tool opens will affect where the ".log" and ".jou" files are created. However, using the cd command in the Tcl console does not affect the location of these files. The Vivado tool was designed to be able to open multiple projects at one time. Therefore, thisrequires that the log and journal files remain in a constant location, even though the working directory is changing.

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