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13.3 EDK - How do I use old or Deprecated drivers in SDK?


I wish to use older versions of Xilinx provided drivers in the newer tools. How can I accomplish this?


First, please note that we generally update our drivers not just to add new features, but to fix and optimize older features. It is always recommended to use the latest driver available for our IP.

Second, for any IP that was built under an ISE toolset earlier than 13.1 will require some sort of Cygwin on the system. Add a "cygwin/bin" folder to your path; this can either be from an earlier ISE install directory (for example "\Xilinx\12.2\ISE_DS\EDK\cygwin\bin"), or a standalone Cygwin install. For information on how to set environment variables, please see: (Xilinx Answer 11630). Please be advised that this flow has no formal testing, and therefore no formal support.

To begin, locate where the EDK part of your Xilinx install is located. This is generally defaults to:

Windows: C:\Xilinx\<version>\ISE_DS\EDK\ Linux: /opt/Xilinx/<version>/ISE_DS/EDK/

These drivers will be under the "sw/XilinxProcessorIPLib/drivers" folder.

For Libraries that other than LwIP, XilFlash, XilKernel, Standalone, XilFatFS, XilISF, XilMFS:

  1. In order to maintain your install-directory for our tools, copy the desired versions of the drivers to your EDK project directory under a folder named "drivers"
  2. Each of the drivers will have a folder called "data" that contains a file titled "<core_version>.mdd"
  3. In the MDD file, there is a line that contains:
      OPTION driver_state = deprecated
  4. Change this line to read:
      OPTION driver_state = ACTIVE
  5. In SDK, click on Xilinx Tools -> Repositories
  6. Add the folder that has your "drivers" subfolder in it (generally your project directory). Do not add the "drivers" folder itself!
  7. Rescan Repositories -> Apply -> OK
  8. Right-Click the BSP, and click Board Support Package Settings
  9. Change the version drop-downs for your IP to the older drivers

For Libraries LwIP, XilFlash, XilKernel, Standalone, XilFatFS, XilISF, XilMFS:

These steps require changing the Xilinx Install Directory. Simply copying them into your "drivers" folder will not work.

These libraries are located under the other "sw" folders in the EDK Install directory:

  • Standalone & XilKernel: sw/lib/bsp
  • XilFatFS & XilFlash & XilISF & XilMFS: sw/lib/sw_services
  • Linux & VXWorks: sw/ThirdParty/bsp
  • LwIP: sw/ThirdParty/sw_services
  1. Find the desired <core_ver>.MLD in the "data" folder
  2. Locate the line that says
      OPTION *_STATE = "deprecated"
  3. (The "*" above could be "OS" or "LIBRARY"); check the most recent version of the same driver and note whether the same line appears.
      If the OPTION *_STATE appears in the most recent version and is set to "Active", set the old driver's OPTION to match.
      If the OPTION *_STATE does not appear in the most recent version, then either remove or comment that line out in the old version
  4. Repeat steps 7- 9 above.
AR# 45479
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