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AR# 45594

Logicore 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder v1.0 -Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues list for the CORE Generator LogiCORE 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder. 

The following information is listed for each version of the core: 
  • New Features
  • Supported Devices 
  • Resolved  Issues
  • Known Issues 
LogiCORE 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder Lounge: 


General LogiCORE 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder Issues

LogiCORE 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder v1.0

Initial Release in ISE 13.4

New Features 

- ISE 13.4 software support


Supported Devices

  • Zynq-7000*
  • Virtex-7 XC XT/HT/T
  • Virtex-7 XQ XT/XQ 
  • Virtex-7 -2L XC XT/T
  • Virtex-7 -2L XQ XT/T
  • Virtex-6 XC CXT/LXT/SXT/HXT
  • Virtex-6 XQ LXT/SXT
  • Virtex-6 -1L XQ LXT/SXT
  • Virtex-6 -1L XC LXT/SXT
  • Kintex-7 XC/XQ
  • Kintex-7 -2L XC/XQ
  • Artix-7 XC/XA/XQ
  • Artix -2L XC/XA/XQ
  • Virtex-5 XC LX/LXT/SXT/TXT/FXT
  • Virtex-5 XQ LX/LXT/SXT/FXT


Resolved Issues

-    None

Known Issues

- None

AR# 45594
Date 11/10/2014
Status Active
Type Release Notes
  • 3GPP Mixed Mode Turbo Decoder
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