AR# 45613


Xilinx Evaluation Kits - Digilent USB Cable installation requirements


Xilinx 7 Series kits, and beyond, use an onboard JTAG configuration solution from Digilent to enable configuration over USB. 

To successfully use this solution, a Digilent plug-in needs to be installed to connect with the board using Xilinx IDE Tools.


The Digilent plug-in can be downloaded from the following link:,66,768&Prod=DIGILENT-PLUGIN

For installation instructions, please follow the guidelines in the document provided in the downloaded files.  

This plug-in requires Adept systems 2.4 or later for Windows and Adept systems 2.3.9 or later for Linux.

Adept software is available in the following link:,66,828&Prod=ADEPT2


AR# 45613
Date 02/24/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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