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AR# 45653

Design Advisory MIG 7 Series v1.4 DDR2/DDR3 - Calibration Update


The DDR3/DDR2 SDRAM calibration algorithm provided with MIG 7 Series v1.4 and available with ISE 13.4 software, can exhibit calibration failures.

These failures can be experienced in various calibration stages, including OCLKDELAY, Read Leveling, and Write Calibration.

This answer record includes a tactical patch with the most up-to-date calibration logic.

This tactical patch is REQUIRED for all users targeting the MIG 7 Series FPGA DDR2/DDR3 designs in hardware.


The tactical patch includes updates to numerous calibration modules. 

All changes will be incorporated in the 14.1 software release. 

The tactical patch can be downloaded at: http://www.xilinx.com/txpatches/pub/applications/misc/ar45653_rev2.zip

To install the patch, extract the contents of "ar45653_rev2.zip" to the ./user_design/rtl/phy directory of the generated MIG 7 Series design (example: C:\my_ddr_design\user_design\rtl\phy).


(1) The tactical patch released on 2/24/2012 resulted in calibration failures during the Write Calibration stage on Kintex-7 Initial Engineering Sample devices.

The failures specifically occurred during the extended calibration that is enabled with the top-level parameter "XC7K325T_REV_1X" set to TRUE. 

Updating to rev2 of this tactical patch will resolve this issue.

(2) The MIG core must be generated prior to installing the tactical patch, otherwise the patch files will be overwritten.

(3) This tactical patch is only compatible with ISE Design Suite 13.4 and MIG 7 Series v1.4.

An EDK version of this patch can be downloaded at: http://www.xilinx.com/txpatches/pub/applications/misc/ar45653-1.zip

Install the patch by extracting the contents of "ar45653-1.zip" to the project pcores/ directory, and clean Hardware.

NOTE: This tactical patch is only compatible with EDK 13.4.

Revision History:
03/06/12 - Updated tactical patch files to work on Kintex-7 IES devices.
02/24/12 - Updated tactical patch files for new calibration logic
01/18/12 - Initial release of tactical patch

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AR# 45653
Date 08/15/2014
Status Active
Type Design Advisory
  • Artix-7
  • Kintex-7
  • Virtex-7
  • EDK - 13.4
  • MIG 7 Series
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