AR# 45657


13.3 ChipScope Pro Inserter - Targeting a Spartan-6 device results in "ERROR:encore:175..." when using the WebPACK tool


If I useISE 13.3 WebPACK software with ChipScope Pro Inserter targeting a Spartan-6 device, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:encore:175 - Project options (family='spartan6', device='xc6slx150t', package='fgg676', speed grade='-2') are inconsistent, unavailable or incorrectly entered"

This error occurs even though the Spartan-6 LX150T device is not selected in the project options.


This error can occur because the ChipScope Inserter generates ICON/ILA netlists targeting a default part (Spartan-6 LX150T). Since the LX150T is not available for the WebPACK software, this causes errors to occur during generation.

This is a known issue in 13.3that is tobe resolved in 13.4.

AR# 45657
Date 05/16/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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