AR# 45721


MIG 7 Series (all designs) - System/Reference Clock pins not selectable in two bank Zynq devices


Certain Zynq devices have onlytwo banks. When both of the banks are selected for memory pins, there will be no banks available to allocate System Control or Reference clock pins. For this reason, pins are not shown for System Control and Reference Clock. When designs are implemented without allocating pins, the design fails during Map because no pins are available for System Control and Reference Clock pins.


Youneed to either target a smaller design such that an empty bank is available for System Control and Reference Clock pins, or use a voltage standard for System Control and Reference Clock that are compatible with the I/O standard used for the memory interface.

For information on 7 Series I/O standard compatibility, see the7 Series SelectIO Resource User Guide (UG471):

NOTE: LVDS inputs do not require a specific Vcco levelprovided that recommended operating conditions are metand DIFF_TERM =FALSE.Internal termination, (i.e., DIFF_TERM=TRUE), is only supported on 1.8v HP banks or 2.5v HR banks)

AR# 45721
Date 10/11/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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