AR# 45790


Licensing - License cannot be found when logged in as another user on same machine


When I am logged in as an Admin on a Windowsmachine, I can see the WebPACK license and am able to use the ISE tools. However, when logged in as another user (e.g. student lab machine), I can no longer see this license and get a licensing error when launching the tools. The license is stored locally on the machine, so it is visible to both users. What could be the problem?


This can becaused by the difference in environment variables for each user. Since licensing operates off of the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE variable, having this set for the Admin does not mean it is set for another user. In order to resolve this, the student user has to set this environment variable manually.

In the situation where this needs to be done to multiple computers/users, an option would be to edit the settings32/64.bat scripts in the install ISE_DS directory to include the following command:

set XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE=C:\.Xilinx\Xilinx.lic

Where the location is swapped for the location of the license file. It is recommended to also edit the (hidden) scripts located in the ISE, PlanAhead, common, EDK, and SysGen folders with the same command.

Once these are changed, you can then copy them to the installs of all the computers/users.

AR# 45790
Date 10/11/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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