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AR# 4589

List of CR's fixed by Constraint Editor Update #1


Description: This is a list of the CRs fixed by the patch on the ftp site. Reference solution 4556.


106022: Empty space at bottom of advanced tab.

106885: Net pulldown window in timing ignore dialog does not show long net names. Not fixed for solaris.

107010: When specifing the FAST/SLOW attribute the window always returns to the top.

107159: On HP, from DM, CE does not exist.

107189: Source constraints shows only some constraints; out of order.

107266: Remove asterisks indicating UCF file has changed.

107267: pad2pad displays incorrect values after 8 characters.

107268: pad2pad core dumps if value is backspaced completely.

107269: prohibit pin locations duplicates existing prohibits.

107270: Loading design with unconnected ports causes core dump.

107272: User created groups are not always picked up properly.

107287: When CE saves UCF, a message should be issued about rerunning translate.

107288: Clocks that have only latch gate loads don't show up in global tab.

107326: Once a clock is defined, it can not be changed.

107334: CE dies when deleting clock constraint.

107370: CE allows illegal characters in timespec name.

107401: CE does not display any clocks for this design.

107479: Nets in false paths by nets dialog are not in alphanumeric order.

107707: CE bi-directional pin assignments in ucf not populated in ports.

107929: Clock period can not be defined.

107930: FAST/SLOW option can be entered for input pins.

108010: locs in ngd are not displayed in ports tab.

108084: Loading a specific design causes a core dump.

For more information open the specific cr.

AR# 4589
Date 01/18/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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