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System Generator for DSP v13.4 - Why do I receive the message 'Unable to target device family "artix7l"'?


For System Generator for DSP v13.4, why do Ireceivethe following message?

"Unable to target device family "artix7l"

Error 0001:

Reported by:
<Design Component>

Unable to target device family "artix7l". Addressable shift register can only be used with the following device families: artix7 aspartan3 aspartan3a aspartan3adsp aspartan3e aspartan6kintex7 kintex7l qrvirtex4 qspartan6 qspartan6l qvirtex4qvirtex5 qvirtex6 qvirtex6l spartan3 spartan3a spartan3adsp spartan3e"


Please target theArtix-7 device family and generate the design. Then, navigate to the directory where the design files were generated and open the ISE or PlanAhead software project. From there, please select the Artix-7L family and implement the design again.

For other versions of System Generator for DSP Release Notes, see (Xilinx Answer 29595).

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AR# 45967
Date 05/20/2012
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